At T-shirt Junction we offer in house embroidery from the design process right through the decorating process and we have the ability to decorate various products including aprons, back packs, blankets, hats, polo shirts and t-shirt, sweaters and more.

We offer in house Digitizing of y our logos and able to reproduce most logos, One time fee per logo is $50. this allows us to test sew out the designs on similar like garments, 

We offer in house Embroidery allowing you to order products from major suppliers or bring in your own garments to be embroidered. We have a selection of colors including basic colors, and some metalic colors, you can select colors from our color chart to match your logo or design if we do not have it in stock. 

We have no minimum sets that you need to order, but for single items the price is higher with the digitizing. For tyour best value with pricing starts around 24 pieces. 

Price is based on Stitch Count and Qty plus + the garment pricing


Pros and cons to Embroidery


- flexible products that can be embroidered

- various color are available 

- work with the digitizer 


- limited to 12 or less colors 

- We only have a single head machine that can produce (1) product at a time, Some larger shops have machines with multiple heads allowing them to sew (6) or (12) pieces at a time, general turn around prior to Covid 19 was 7-10 business days, but currently its takes longer to get product in from suppliers so the turn around time is 10 to 15 business days. 

Pricing based on 

- garment type

- stitch count   $1.50 per 1000 stitches 

- larger orders are cheaper.



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