What is screen Printing?

Screen printing is the old standard for printing t-shirts, it takes a special screen that we can coat with a special emulsion that allows us to burn an image into so that we can push ink thru the void areas,  

When is it best suited ?

Generally screen printing is best suited for larger jobs, the price is very competitve and great for large runs the more you order the cheaper it gets. We can also offer up to 6 color printed on dark fabrics, this process we can print on all the textile options including cotton shits, bamboo shirts, blended shirts and polyester shirts.  We can also screen print specialty items including paper bags, propolene bags, and products like metal etc. This process is highly custom and allows for a range of products that we can print. 

Can colors be Matched ?

Unlike DTG or Sublimation, we can match color if you know the pantone # of the color you want us to match. We order in the colors special for your job, the fee for a Special color match is $75, We generally can come close to the colors by testing the colors to get a match. The color on the garment may differ depending on what color we are printing on. 

Whats it cost?

  It depends on the quantity, number of colors and whether the artwork is ready to go. But generally there is a $25 setup fee per color, and a printing fee, The Printing fee is based off of the # of colors used and the quantity of shirts ordered See our retail prices below, For wholesale customers please click here for wholesale pricing. 

Pros and Cons


- Great for larger runs 

- Print on wide range of fabrics and materials

- Wide range of colors to choose from 

- Very vibrant colors and specialty inks

- prints hold up for a long time


- not ideal for small runs

- not ideal for full color images, unless printing on white garments

- larger upfront fees for getting shirts printed. 

Pricing is based on

- How many shirts were printing

- How many colors are in the design

- The type of ink and application 

- The garment cost. 


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