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  Bored? Enter our T-shrit Design Contest and Let your creativity flow – you could win $100 there will be other prizes as well including mugs, t-shirts socks, and more. There is no purchase or entry fees,. We will be selling some of the t-shirt designs on t-shirts and mugs, show your support and purchase any of the t-shirt design contest ends May 30, 2020 A donation will be made to match profits from sales and the grand prize to a local charity. 

  Choose a theme: The idea is to support our nurses, truckers, grocery stores clerks, drug store staff, janitors – those people working to keep us safe.  A donation will be made to match the grand prize to a local charity. 

  How to Enter:   Here’s how to enter: Send us your t-shirt designs (either completely done, or a sketch of your idea). You can enter your design either method below; 

  By email : Email your design in a 300 dpi jpg or if you have design software like photoshop, gimp or corel draw you can email your design as a 300 dpi png file with a transparent background.  Email your design with your name, phone number and which theme you selected and why.  email to 

  Via our webite : On our website on the main page you can click on the start designing button, that will launch our designer app, where you can upload and or design your custom t-shirt. When your happy with your design, on the bottom right side of the page you can save  your design. It will prompt you to register and then it will save your design and I will be able to view it on our end. 

Rules : 

1) The t-shirt design must be theme to support front line workers or support staff

2) The contest is open to anyone living in St. Thomas, Alymer, Iona, Lambeth, Dutton, Rodney, Talbotville or other surrounding areas.         

3) This is to be a fun contest so please keep it clean.

4) This contest is open til May 30th, 2020

5) One entry per person. 

6) Open to any age, but those under the age of 16 must have parents consent to enter the contest, in the email their contact infomation must be provided.                   

7) All designs will be posted on our website and our social media pages, with your name and the theme.

8) Have fun and lets show our front line workers how much we care. 

9) The designs suitable will be posted for sale on our website, all profit proceeds will gotoward a local charity or a group.

We recommend everyone that submits an entry to make sure they follow us on facebook and like our page, so they can see their designs and share them with their friends and family., and or sign up to our newsletter. 

Lets show our front line workers how much were thinking about them.  


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